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Plainview-Elgin Sanitary District - Wastewater Permit

We invite you to comment on the draft wastewater permit for the Plainview-Elgin Sanitary District's wastewater treatment plant.

The Plainview-Elgin Sanitary District Wastewater Treatment Facility (Facility) is located at 24934 530th Street, Plainview, Minnesota 55964-3216, Wabasha County.

The Plainview-Elgin Sanitary District (District) operates a municipal wastewater treatment facility located in the SW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 17, T108N, R11W, Plainview Township, Wabasha County, Minnesota. The application and plans indicate that the existing Facility consists of 4,300 feet of 24-inch gravity flow interceptor from the city of Plainview; 23,600 feet of eight-inch force main from the city of Elgin; two lift stations; fine screens; an aerated grit basin with grit processing equipment; four aeration basins; four final clarifiers; biological phosphorus removal process tanks, chemical addition equipment; UV light disinfection; two aerobic biosolids digesters, biosolids storage, sludge thickening (belt thickener); 8,000 feet of 15-inch gravity outfall sewer; two sludge storage tanks; a sludge hauling truck; two emergency generators; and a 1.2-acre influent retention basin. This is a Class A Facility.

Water quality permits - or National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits - establish specific limits and requirements to protect Minnesota's surface and groundwater quality. Permits are regularly reviewed and updated as they expire, allowing the MPCA to incorporate new information about the impacts of pollutants on the environment in future permits. Permits are enforced through a combination of self-reporting and compliance monitoring.

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